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· What is HotLinkShield? ·
Hotlink Shield (or HLS) is a set of php scripts to be used with apache's URL rewrite function in order to avoid people hotlinking your files. Hotlink Shield uses encryption so you need Mcrypt library, PHP5 and .htaccess.

· So is this just a .htaccess replacement? ·
HLS is NOT a replacement for .htaccess: HLS can be integrated with your login system so you can setup a very simple and easy paywall and allow some user to access some media (such as downloading pdf files or allowing video streaming).

· So what does this stuff do? ·
You can choose a different timeout time for every file you want to protect and set different behaviours, such as a 404 error or dinamically changing the content that is shown to the user.

· How will google react to hotlinkshield on my website? ·
If you go Leeroy Jenkins all over your webiste with HLS, Google (or other search engines) will mostly hate you, because they will frequently get a 404 error or you will lose some referrable clicks from Google Images service if you use HLS on images. Please keep this in mind, because, again, this is not a replacement for .htaccess: shield what you need to shield, but always keep in mind the SEO aspect of your websites and setup your robots.txt accordingly to those needs.

· Is this free software? ·
Yes, hotlinkshield has been released as opensource the 14th July 2010 from evolution. HLS is released under the GNU General Public License. If'd like to support this project and you're in need of a web agency, or you need a penetration testing & network security consulting, give them a call ;)

· I never went to school, i can't read, how do i use it? ·
Check the example pages, but really, you should read the manual.

· I found a bug, may i help? ·
Sure, any help is appreciated, drop me an email at knukun ·AT· ;)
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