HotLinkShield - PHP5 Hotlinking Protection & Paywall filter, For free

» HotLink Shield - protect your bandwidth!

· YES, this software will help you protect your website from bandwidth theft.
· YES, this software will help you set up a paywall for your website.
· YES, this is free software.
· YES, this works only with PHP5 or later and requires a little configuration.
· NO, this is NOT a replacement for .htaccess.

· Want to see HLS in action? Check it out right here!
:) :)The picture on the left is url-encrypted and its link will expire within 180 seconds after loading this page.

The picture on the right has a link which is already expired: try to clik both the links and see what happens!

HLS was made when i was working back at eVolution Calvisano. Looking back, i cringe on the code. But what the hell, no reason to nuke it, a bit shame on younger me is always appreciated :) . HLS will be always free of charge and opensource: HLS is released under the GNU GPL license.

» Click here to download the latest HotLink Shield package! «

HotLink Shield has been written by Alessi Andrea and is given "as is" and is provided with no warranties: if you want to redistribute it a email is very appreciated, plus, if your computer starts a global thermonuclear war or any other disaster happens, i cannot be held liable in any way.

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